Because you matter..... 


The aim of having two wellness sessions a week is for students to be able to have a choice of options to help support them making healthy lifestyle choices as they enter adult life.  We want students to pick from a range of options that they are interested in and to further develop skills in these areas that will be useful to them as they



 Over a choice of practical activities students will develop lifelong skills that will enable them to have a healthy lifestyle as they enter young adulthood.  The focus will be on the longevity of these skills to be embedded into their everyday life to help empower students to look after their own wellbeing. 



 With an ever increasing focus on personal wellbeing since the impact of Covid-19, it is increasingly important that students find outlets to promote their own wellbeing as they enter young adulthood.  These sessions will promote lifelong healthy wellbeing choices that they can carry on with as they progress to their next steps in education or employment after Post-16.