Work Experience

At Stephenson Post 16 centre, we are committed to ensuring that students are well-prepared for their next steps when they leave school, be it for education or employment. Through careers-related activities and through our curriculum, we aim to inform students about the range of opportunities available and we aim to provide personalised guidance to support their decision-making. As part of the curriculum offer, we aim for each student to participate in a long-term work experience placement. Students are made ready for this through meetings with the careers advisor in tutor time and discussions on placements early in the academic year.

Work experience is highly beneficial to a person’s education. Students will have an opportunity to get first-hand experience of a workplace environment. It will help them to find out about their own skills and to see the links between the courses they are studying and the skills they need in the future.

Students will begin the work experience when they feel ready to take on this challenge and subject to availability of a work placement. All students are supported into work experience by our work experience co-ordinator, who then remains as a point of contact throughout the placement, should they need advice and support. 

Students will not be paid during this period because Work Experience is part of their education. Students must know what distance from home they can travel and should consider the cost of fares carefully. Placements are sourced by the careers team through a network of contacts, but if students have a personal contact they wish to use such as with a family member, this can be explored.

Please be aware that any company or person who takes students for a work experience placement will need Employers’ Liability Insurance. Full risk assessments and DBS checks where required are carried about before a placement can begin.

If you have any questions, please contact the work experience co-ordinator on 01908 889426 or email Chloe Bachelor: