Personal Growth & Wellbeing

Relationships, Health and You....


This qualification is aimed to help build confidence and educate young people on healthy lifestyle choices, how to regulate their emotional wellbeing and goals to for healthy relationships of all different types as they enter young adulthood.  We cover personal identity, support systems of family and friends and resilience when facing life’s challenges.




Life can be messy and chaotic for a lot of our young people, this course not only allows students to gain a Level 2 qualification but to also ensure they are well equipped to deal with the life as a young adult in today’s society.  Focusing on physical, emotional and social wellbeing, to arm students with a toolkit to make positive lifestyle choices for themselves and those around them. 




With an ever increasing focus on personal wellbeing since the impact of Covid-19, it is increasingly important that students find outlets to promote their own wellbeing as they enter young adulthood.  These sessions will promote lifelong healthy wellbeing choices that they can carry on with as they progress to their next steps in education or employment after Post-16.