Staff List

Dr Neil Barrett

Executive Principal for Stephenson Trust

Mrs Helen Shapter-Wheeler

Bridge Academy Head of School

Mrs Megan Baird

Admin & Finance Officer

Miss Christine Dehnel

Assistant Principal for the Post-16 Centre

Mr Eddie Berko

Teacher of Maths

Mr Nate Dominique

Trainee Teacher of English & Media

Miss Anita Meynell

Intervention Mentor & Instructor of Personal Growth and Wellbeing

Miss Helga Fourie

Teaching Assistant

Miss Chloe Batchelor

Work Experience Co-ordinator

Miss Emma Johnstone

Intervention Mentor & Instructor of Health & Social Care

Ms Kelly Blyth

Teacher of Art

Mr Chris Griffiths

Instructor of Construction

Mrs Carol Shaw

Instructor of Hair & Beauty

Mr Darren Baines

Instructor of Motor Vehicles